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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Camera Critters


I've seen the Camera Critter entries around on several blogs and each time I'd think I should participate. I certainly have enough of my own camera critters in this house!

The photo I'm sharing at this time is my sweet baby Jett. We found him on the side of the road. I told my daughter we would take him home once we confirmed he didn't belong to a neighbor and we would immediately start looking for his forever home.

Yeah right. He was so little he could fit in the palm of my hand. He immediately became attached to me and vise versa. He wasn't going anywhere, who was I kidding! :-) He's my spoiled baby.

Copy of 00043

This photo was taken about a month after we found him. He was peeking out from behind the laundry. Silly Jett! In July we will have had him for a year, so he has grown a lot and in a future 'Camera Critter' entry I'll show you how he looks now.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Constructive Feedback

Over at I Heart Faces they are doing a Constructive Feedback Friday. I decided to play along, and actually add my link. I've been "playing" without linking.


This is a photo where I had turned to do something else, or change position ... something! When I looked back at the bride and groom this is what I saw and tried to quickly snap it before they were aware of me again.

Obviously the camera and I weren't ready for the low lighting conditions.

Here is the original

Copy of W2 069.o

And here is my edited copy

Copy of W2 069.1

I look forward to hearing any suggestions on how to improve this moment. Photography I love, editing I'm still struggling and learning day by day! :-)

What I did - lightened the couple, removed some distractions - ie, the truck that drove by, gave it a soft focus and cropped. Again, I truly welcome ideas! Like what can I do about that sky - it was raining and overcast or any other great suggestion. :-)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Round Robin - Numbers

If I said this was an easy challenge, I'd be lying through my teeth. Each day as I was driving around, I would be looking for numbers. Nothing jumped out at me. Sure I saw numbers just nothing that screamed at me!

Last night I was ready to write Karen and Carly to tell them I wouldn't be participating. No inspiration - none, zip, nada.

However, the inspiration hit me this evening as I was searching through my closet for something unrelated to the entry, I saw this number and it immediately made me smile.

Copy of robin 005

I remember sitting and watching my youngest son play football on Friday nights for his high school. While I was never a fan of football before, I didn't miss a game. He played both offence and defense, meaning he NEVER left the field! The poor kid would be so exhausted afterwards. Which meant a peaceful quiet evening for me! :-)

Copy of N 009

While putting together the entry this evening and with thoughts of my youngest son, it hit me, I have a favorite number this month - 18. That's the day my son returns home from deployment, it's the day I get to hear his voice again and know he is safe on US soil!

All that time I spent looking for numbers OUT THERE, waiting for something to 'scream' at me to photograph them and all the time the numbers were quietly waiting for me here in my home. :-)

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