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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tookie Tookie

This is our new cockatiel, Tookie Tookie. We used the name from George of the Jungle. I wasn't sure of the spelling and looked it up, Wikipedia had it listed as I have it spelled above and the other spelling they offered was Tooky Tooky. I preferred the first and ran with that!

Copy of DSC07344

DSC07343.2 - Copy

Anyway, isn't he handsome? He's a real character too. He loves to be held and will fly over and want to cuddle in the crook of your arm ... especially if you have a fleece jacket like I've been wearing a lot lately due to being cold.

When I first met Sonny he had a cockatiel who he had for many years. Since I loved Sonny, I knew I had to accept that he came with a bird. I didn't think they would be fun or have any personality. I soon learned otherwise and quickly became attached to Boi, the first cockatiel who has since passed away of old age.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge


The current challenge is "food". I figured I could play along and post a couple of photographs.

This first photo is my dog, Toby, waiting for the okay to have his treat. He was a very good patient dog even if he looks like he was getting a bit annoyed with me for making him wait so I could get a photograph. Some of you may have seen this photo before on one of my blogs.

Copy of DSC00653 (2)

Last summer at one of the weddings we photographed, they had a chocolate fountain at the reception. Don't you just want a chocolate covered strawberry now?

Copy of 2008 214

One last photo - since I photograph weddings I figured I should show at least one wedding cake!

Copy of Copy of DSC06038.2B

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Not of This Season ~ Round Robin

The current Round Robin Photo Challenge is to post a photo of something you wouldn't see, or which would be very difficult to find during winter. A sunny day at the beach, an amazing sunset, summer fruits, a beautiful flower in bloom, someone wearing shorts or summer clothes, a tree filled with beautiful leaves, a pumpkin on a porch, you get the idea.

Here in the Tacoma, WA area we have been dealing all week with heavy fog and bitter cold weather. I was on the look out for the person who might be crazy enough to wear shorts but found none. I also knew I could easily use a photo on file for this challenge but, I truly wanted something taken within the past few weeks.

I decided to share the following two photos filled with beautiful spring flowers, tropical plants and Chihuly glass. All are unusual and not of this season ... YET.

S 005 - blog

S 045 - blog

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Camera Resolutions ~ Round Robin

I must confess, I thought today was Friday and wasn't prepared to post my Round Robin Photo Challenge photo today. The current challenge is to think of three themes for the new year and then photograph one of the themes.

First my three (actually 4) suggestions for upcoming themes:

"Childhood Memories" an example would be something that evokes a childhood memory.

"Dirty, Grungy" such as something considered ugly, run-down, dilapidated. Sometimes they can make some beautiful images!

"Silence" - again this is a photo that is going to evoke a feeling. No, I haven't really thought this one out! It was an idea that came to me this morning as I looked out the window.

And the one I'll use today is "Expressive Moments"

Yes, I'm cheating and using a wedding photograph! It's a time of MANY expressions.

Copy of 223

This particular photograph needs no explanation!

Early last year I volunteered to be a photographer with Op: Love Reunited. It's a free service for our military who are deploying, deployed and returning home from deployment.

Copy of 2008 455

The photograph above was taken during a homecoming which is an emotionally charged event. I often find myself taking photos hoping that the auto setting is working because my own eyes are to misty to see clearly. The above photograph was actually published in our local newspaper!

Whoever says pets aren't expressive, obviously doesn't have a fur baby in their life! Below is Toby who isn't happy that I made him wear a silly looking hat. He's giving me an expression, the "I can't BELIEVE you are making me do this!". Which is the same expression my three children gave me on many occasions!


I hope you liked the suggestions and photographs! I'm looking forward to participating in as many Round Robin Photo Challenges as possible this year.

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Still Life

I've never been a big fan of still life photography, I rather photograph people, landscapes, and subjects that evoke feelings. Many of the still life photos that I've seen left me cold.

I find that still life photography is more demanding as you must form and create a scene that is visually pleasing, we are essentially MAKING the photo, not documenting a moment of time. And believe it not, still life is also a part of wedding photography.

This first photograph is an older photo that I have shared in my blog before. However, I want to share it again for any new viewers.

Copy of ST6.2

The ring was placed in the bible to create the heart shape. I especially like what we found inside the heart.


Occasionally we will use the brides bouquet to show off the rings. Not all flowers will hold the rings in a way that will best show off their beauty. This bouquet worked beautifully.

Copy of still2

This last photo (above) was my attempt at something new and not work related - it's the photo taken especially with this current challenge in mind. Music and photography are stables of my life.

While still life photography isn't my favorite form of photography it's a type of photography that I need and want to challenge myself.


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