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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just for Fun

Welcome to our new Photographers Choice blog! We hope you will stop by often and enjoy some of the photographs that we take when we aren't "working". This blog will feature photos from road trips, vacations, and other miscellaneous photos taken for pure enjoyment or for an online photo challenge. This first entry will have a few photos taken throughout 2008.

Several of these photographs will be on display at Borders in Tacoma as we are the featured artist during January, 2009!

Recently I was driving around town running errands when I saw these linticular clouds over MT Rainier. I couldn't get home fast enough to get my camera. What a beautiful sight.

Copy of Copy of MR 036

Copy of Copy of MR 024

The next set are from a recent road trip to the Columbia Gorge to photograph waterfalls and simply to escape for a couple of days.

Copy of T2 003.soft

Copy of T2 058.2

Copy of T2 061.2

T2 037

Copy of M 052

Copy of M 054

Copy of M 056

The three above is Ponytail Falls, a short but steep hike up from Horsetail Falls.

Copy of P 043

Copy of P 047

This last summer we had the opportunity to go see Sarah Evans and Josh Gracin in concert at the Puyallup Fair. It was fun! I love all genres of music, variety is the spice of life.

Copy of JS 176

Copy of JS 242

Copy of JS 208

Copy of JS 078

Copy of JS 094

Copy of JS 100

Tall ship CGC Gloria when she was in Tacoma this summer. Isn't she beautiful? She wasn't here during the Tall Ship Festival over the July 4th weekend.

JS 619

The following are from the recent Tall Ship Festival in Tacoma. over the July 4th weekend.

2008 296

2008 300

2008 302

2008 305

2008 308

2008 304

A photographers club that I belong to did a little low tide photography this summer. It was a fun to go exploring with the camera in hand,

2008 297

2008 299

MT Rainier is one of my favorite subject to photograph.



This was a pretty and cooling waterfall we found on a short road trip.


I grew up for the first 10 years of my life in Southern California where my dad owned an outdoor bookstore in Ojai, CA. The bookstore is still there and worth the visit! If you are in the Ventura, Santa Barbara area be sure to take a side trip over to check out Bart's Books. The new owner has kept it the way my dad had envisioned. I LOVED it.



There is a house on the property used to house first edition books and other books of value.



Just a few other Southern California photos from the trip.





This last group of photos were taken in the spring when we flew back to DC to visit my oldest son who lived in VA at the time. He's now in MD - and closer to DC.

2008 016

2008 021

2008 017

Please come visit again to see what kind of mischief we have found!

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