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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Still Life

I've never been a big fan of still life photography, I rather photograph people, landscapes, and subjects that evoke feelings. Many of the still life photos that I've seen left me cold.

I find that still life photography is more demanding as you must form and create a scene that is visually pleasing, we are essentially MAKING the photo, not documenting a moment of time. And believe it not, still life is also a part of wedding photography.

This first photograph is an older photo that I have shared in my blog before. However, I want to share it again for any new viewers.

Copy of ST6.2

The ring was placed in the bible to create the heart shape. I especially like what we found inside the heart.


Occasionally we will use the brides bouquet to show off the rings. Not all flowers will hold the rings in a way that will best show off their beauty. This bouquet worked beautifully.

Copy of still2

This last photo (above) was my attempt at something new and not work related - it's the photo taken especially with this current challenge in mind. Music and photography are stables of my life.

While still life photography isn't my favorite form of photography it's a type of photography that I need and want to challenge myself.


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Missy said...

You did great! I remember the book but never saw the rings in the flowers or the IPOD.


Lisa said...

I have always remembered the ring in the Bible and have actually told a few people about that picture since I think it is just fabulous & so creative.

I love your pictures, the bouquet with the rings in awesome and your creativity with the Ipod is tops.

For not liking still life you surely did a fantastic job!!

MariesImages said...

All excellent examples of Still Life photography! Although I love the first one, my favorite is the last one, ipod on music sheet!
Glad you finally joined in, you were missed!REALLY! Ü
I love your photography~

Anonymous said...

Very pretty

Jeannette said...

These are beautiful shots Monica! I love them all and the ipod on the sheet music is very creative and a wirthy entry to the challenge! Still Life Jeannette xx

Jill Marie said...

The rings in the flowers is a great idea and loves great. I really love the ring in the Bible. Beautiful pictures.

Vicki said...

Monica, I've seen the ring photo done by other people but no one has done it better than you! Love all three, and your entry of the iPod is great! Glad you decided to join in.

Elisabeth said...

Very nice work. I especially like the heart shadow cast by the ring in the first image.

sunflowerkat321 said...

THIS is why your business is taking off. There's nothing common about any of these shots. I love the original compositions you come up with. Beautiful Monica!