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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tookie Tookie

This is our new cockatiel, Tookie Tookie. We used the name from George of the Jungle. I wasn't sure of the spelling and looked it up, Wikipedia had it listed as I have it spelled above and the other spelling they offered was Tooky Tooky. I preferred the first and ran with that!

Copy of DSC07344

DSC07343.2 - Copy

Anyway, isn't he handsome? He's a real character too. He loves to be held and will fly over and want to cuddle in the crook of your arm ... especially if you have a fleece jacket like I've been wearing a lot lately due to being cold.

When I first met Sonny he had a cockatiel who he had for many years. Since I loved Sonny, I knew I had to accept that he came with a bird. I didn't think they would be fun or have any personality. I soon learned otherwise and quickly became attached to Boi, the first cockatiel who has since passed away of old age.

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