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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Blogger's Community Photo Challenge


The current challenge is "food". I figured I could play along and post a couple of photographs.

This first photo is my dog, Toby, waiting for the okay to have his treat. He was a very good patient dog even if he looks like he was getting a bit annoyed with me for making him wait so I could get a photograph. Some of you may have seen this photo before on one of my blogs.

Copy of DSC00653 (2)

Last summer at one of the weddings we photographed, they had a chocolate fountain at the reception. Don't you just want a chocolate covered strawberry now?

Copy of 2008 214

One last photo - since I photograph weddings I figured I should show at least one wedding cake!

Copy of Copy of DSC06038.2B

Now it's time to go check out all the yummy images from other photographers who have participated in the challenge. Just click HERE.


sunflowerkat321 said...

I hadn't seen that photo of Toby before. You've really got him well trained if he's willing to sit there with a hot dog on his nose! I'm trying to decide if it's real or not.
You should link this pic to Steven's Feline and Furball Friday. It's great!

MariesImages said...

Toby's photo is soooooo funny, He seemed more than annoyed. Amazing how he just sat & waited.
Great shot~

Anonymous said...

That picture made me laugh foreal. :) that is so cute! He looks made like hurry up and give me the darn hotdog! lol

D said...

that is a hoot.. love it!

As an FYI the link did work, it doesn't show up in the text of the comment but your name or whatever you put there ... check it out :)

MariesImages said...

Yes, the link took me right to your entry! Ü All the links in the comment section. So you did do it correctly...Ü

Vicki said...

Monica...Toby doesn't look like a happy camper there, but I'm sure he suffers through photo shoots like this out of love for you. :) Very funny photo.